Page: 128
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 18 000
ISBN: 9789941239892

Hurricane Margot

Author: Ekaterine Togonidze


”Hurricane Margot” is the latest novel by Ekaterine Togonidze. The story is set around young female Margot from a rural, strictly patriarchal village. She thinks she is happily married to a man who is deeply in love with her, but soon after she realizes that the reality is different. Her ambiguous affair with a french lecturer drives her husband mad and leads him to crime. But the real tragedy for Margot is that she is a victim, victim of love, harassment and society.

Every time someone acts violently toward her, in another part of the world a Hurricane named Margot destroys everything around it.

“This is the masterpiece about the enigmatic balance of mankind and cosmos..”
© Levan Berdzenishvili, philologist

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