Page: 180
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 35 000
ISBN: 9789941233449

Flight from the USSR

Author: Dato Turashvili


The novel is the ultimate bestseller in Georgia and is based on one of the most tragic events of the 1980s in which seven young people hijacked an airplane in an attempt to escape from the Soviet Union. It was a reckless move at a time when even the thought of escape was punishable. The Soviet government sentenced most of the participants to death.
Public reaction was divided. Some people considered the young rebels no better than terrorists while others supported them, considering the flaws of the Soviet life. Flight from the USSR allows the reader to closely follow the leading characters, and learn more about their motives and aspirations. For this group of young people who dreamt of an escape, the jeans symbolize the free world.
The novel has been adapted for stage and is one of the most successful plays of the Georgian Free Theatre.

“The book is not a canonization. Turashvili describes, colors and romanticises, but he does not condemn or glorify his characters anywhere. Flight from the USSR is a beautiful novel and it deserves a large readership.”
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“He is confident and the storytelling style of Turashvili is sober and direct. The reader does not remain untouched by his story.”
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