Page: 212
Dimensions: 110 x 170 mm

Word: ~ 23 000
ISBN: 978-9941-23-802-4

Anna’s Moment

Author: Mari Bekauri


A 32-year old writer Anna Nakashidze suddenly loses her personal memory. It seems that the reason of her amnesia was alienation. During the treatment Anna starts talking about dead children and everyone thinks that she was the victim of sexual abuse in her early years.
Meanwhile the court accuses psychotherapist of an illegal experiment and before clearing anything Anna disappears. At the same time terrorists attack the leading TV broadcaster in the UK. The media finds Ana Nakashidze guilty of terrorism which leaves no victim but is done only to attract attention.
Suddenly Anna starts to talk about four-year long struggle to communicate with the UK broadcaster to stream the video where the crime of Russian officers is visible. They now live in the UK and the state canprosecute them.
Short after this event a teenage hacker uploads the video on Youtube and millions of viewers go on strike. People want to know the truth.
But only one English therapist understands what is really happening.

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