Page: 198
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 25 000
ISBN: 9789941150906


Author: Zaza Burchuladze


War is waging in Georgia. The Russian fighter planes are thundering over Tbilisi. The vibrations from the Russian combat helicopters over the Vere Park are no more than the rattling of a spoon in a cappuccino cup. People are dying in the war, atrocities are being committed, yet in Tbilisi there is no longer any difference between the real and the fake.
adibas with two main characters – war and sex – is a drastic satire of urban Bohemia in a globalized world. “Fuck me to fake me” is the message of the story.
Even though the novel is set in Tbilisi in August 2008 during the Russian-Georgian conflict and the war is nowhere and yet everywhere, there is not a single combat scene in Adibas.

“A Great, high-speed novel”  © Rolling Stones
“Outstanding! This book is tactless, vulgar, impudent, and at the same time intelligent.”  © Rezensöhnchen

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